Make it meaningful,
Make it madly

The MADLY experience breaks free from norms that people expect from fine jewellery. Bold colours and innovative shapes make up MADLY’s signature eclectic style, eliminating expectations of conformity and putting a new twist on timeless classics. If your jewellery was commissioned to mark a joyous occasion, such as an engagement, birth, promotion or anniversary, then the gems should be equally vivid to celebrate! MADLY’s goal will always be to create jewellery that accompanies you on all of life’s journeys— a sparkly companion for the brightest and darkest days.


MADLY only works with the top 0.1% of gemstones, cut for maximum brilliance by lapidary masters. Known for having the widest range of top quality coloured gems in Singapore, MADLY has taken multiple steps further in their commitment to bringing the crème de la crème to their clients, from investing in equipment and in their team of GIA graduates, to securing the finest gem specimens. MADLY is the only jeweller in Singapore, and the first few in the world to become members of the International Coloured Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation program, the first of its type in the coloured stone industry. So you can purchase your gems from MADLY with the comfort and knowledge that any treatments and enhancements of the gemstone are fully disclosed, gems are mined responsibly and traded sustainably, not sourced using child labor, and obtained legally. MADLY has also invested in a sourcing office right in the mining production region of Morogoro in Tanzania, East Africa. This makes the provenance, quality and traceability of MADLY’s gems unprecedented.

At MADLY, every jewellery piece is a unique work of art created to celebrate the wearer’s journey and tells their story. Can there be anything else more precious or meaningful?

Maddy Barber

Founder of MADLY


More than just a jeweller, MADLY is a design house which promotes the arts, nurtures budding talents and inspires star designers. They differentiate themselves with their diverse team, each with their distinctive style, be it edgy and bold, modern and sleek, vintage-inspired and romantic, or feminine and flirty, so that there is something for everyone in the pieces they release.
Regardless of which gem you choose, MADLY offers a singular experience which is personal, tailored to the customer, and luxurious but completely unintimidating. Whether your piece is a symbol of power, a statement of freedom, or a sparkly reminder of those nearest and dearest to you, MADLY’s bespoke service offers you the chance to create jewellery that speaks of who you are, and who you want to be.